Reasons to Be Positive

Just another run of the mill day. The sun was out for a season tease of warmer weather to come. As I type I can hear my kids jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. Their rambunctious sounds fill me with joy. With so much loss and suffering in the world during this crisis, it […]

Are We Living In a Simulation?

I read and hear often in articles and podcasts that we might be living in a simulation. Really! Really? A simulation? This sounds like the ideas of someone who has been reading way too many sci-fi novels and watching way too many futuristic Matrix-like movies. Then I think about it. Ponder it. And Ponder it […]

Curious Lives

When I was younger, adults used to tell me all the time, don’t ever talk about politics, religion and money. It’s not polite. You’ll offend people. Now it’s all I ever read, talk, and think about. Is it really impolite, or is the problem that those topics get to the deep roots of someone’s values? […]

Stray News Bullets

Is this twenty-four-seven pandemic news cycle weighing heavy on your psyche too? There are almost too many stray bullets of information hitting me from every angle. Too much information to process and it often feels overwhelming. Is anyone else drowning in too much negative news? It was hard enough as it was pre-pandemic just trying […]


They’re all idiots! I live in a house full of whiny idiots.  They’re all savages! I literally live in a house full of savage animals. They’re all idiots, and they don’t even know it.    It was her mental way of dealing with all the stress at home. This constant stream of self talk. Crap, […]

Nazis Hated Foerster and How His Writings Can Change Your Life

Nazis during World War II burned his books. They viewed the man and his ideas as a threat to their ideology. They revoked his German citizenship. He was one of them by blood, but he was a subversive because he felt differently in his heart and mind. He was among them, saw their bigoted and […]

Gratitude In Isolation With 5 Young Kids

As I read the headlines about the Coronavirus death toll in New York and all over the world, I say a silent prayer. Language can’t describe, and others can’t comprehend the agony of loved ones left in a wake of despair and grief. So many words not said, and so many lights dimmed too soon. […]

Can a Corona Crisis Clear a Path to Christ?

Is it possible that a severe biological disaster of worldwide proportions is what it takes for our global population to remember God? Or at the very least, is this a forceful reminder for mankind to be less self-centered, and an opportunity to serve the weakest among us, our elderly and our infirm? Recently, I read […]

Never Short Human Ingenuity

In the stock market you can profit if a company’s stock price declines. It’s known as a short position. If you had taken a short position in a large U.S. stock market index right before the pandemic hit our shores, you would have a positive gain today (April 6th, 2020), all because of the markets […]


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